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 Bottom-mounted Vacuum Molybdenum Wire Furnace
 Bottom-mounted vacuum molybdenum wire furnace
Bottom-mounted vacuum molybdenum furnace
I. Usage
This equipment is mainly used in the dehydroxylation of electric light sources, degassing of high-temperature materials, vacuum brazing, high-temperature vacuum annealing and vacuum sintering .
II. Characteristics
1. Loading materials from the bottom, which is easy to load and unload.
2. Attractive appearance, the furnace grate is spray treated, and it is fully mirror-polished in the furnace.
3. Easy operation, color touch-screen control , ‘ONE-TOUCH’technology infobutton.
4. It is made according to the vacuum cleaning requirements, and the key components are cleaned by ultrasonic. After cleaning, user can wear white gloves to verify its cleanliness.
5. High ultimate vacuum level, ultimate vacuum is better than 6*10-5Pa.
6. Good furnace temperature uniformity and long service life. Due to adoption of improved insulation screen structure, the heating elements and insulation screen will not have distortion in a year.
III. Technical Parameters
Rated temperature: 1600 C
Power: 25KW
Working area size: 150*200
Ultimate vacuum level: better than 6*10-5Pa
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