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 Large Vacuum Sintering Furnace
 Large vacuum sintering furnace
Large Vacuum Sinteirng Furnace
With a very large working area size, this equipment is mainly used in the sintering of silicon carbide ceramics.
I. Main Technical Parameters:
1. Rated power: 200KW
2. Rated working temperature: 2350C
3. Working area size: Φ400*500
4. Ultimate vacuum level: 1 Pa
5. Furnace temperature uniformity: ±10C 
II. Structure Description:
1. This equipment is vertical, and it uses the graphite rod as the heating element in the furnace, Y-type connection method, and carbon felt
insulation layer. The insulation layer has a unique special structure to keep excellent insulation effects and good degassing.
2. The vacuum system is made of Roots pump and mechanical pump.
3. The electric controls are transformer and regulator, and the infrared instrument is the U.S. imported two-color one.
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