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 Glass-Melting Furnace
 Glass-Melting Furnace
Glass-melting Furnace
I. Usage
It is used for smelting glass and producing beautiful glass products.
II. Feature
1. A set of extremely stable microprocessors is used in controlling firepower and temperature so as to produce high quality glass product
2. The unique combustion system has a frequency controlling burner, which can save the electric power substantively. And its running noise
is minimum, its gas consumption is the lowest in the same melting furnace.  
3. Using a special refractory material and the newest insulation technology.
Simultaneously it also reduces the furnace overall volume, and its insulation effect has surpassed the national standard.
4. It uses the import electricity melting crucible, which has the ultra strong thermal shock resistance to guarantee the furnace stability.
5. The furnace has the features of changing glass color flexibly, small footprint, no pollution, intelligent process control, easy operation and
so on.
Power consumption when melting: 2.7-3KVA/Kg glass metal type: TH-RP/RK
Heating Method: Silicon-molybdenum rod(electricity)/ fuel gas/fuel oil heating
Crucible capacity: 20-200L   Maximum using temperature: 1450C
III. Structure
1. Fire-proof material: The furnace is used for the high density aluminum oxide silicon, the fireproof zircon and the facile high performance
insulation material construction become low heat gauge block.
2. Burning and control system: The furnace is equipped with a set of gas burner and the security control system.
3. The combustion air wafts system uses a set of independent air to provide. The burner fuel gas and the air control implement by the air
conditioning wind blower electrical machinery frequency.
4. Gas controller: By the GFK filter, the GDJ gas supervisor, the double A levels solenoid control, the air/fuel gas proportional control; the high
and low pressures witch is composed.
IV. Technical Parameter
Remark: we can produce glass furnace according to customer’s request.
We devote to manufacturing glass kiln furnaces which are easiest to grasp, whose fuel utilization ratio is highest and the noise is lowest with
long durability.But the content comprehensive service agreement can guarantee your investment to have as far as possible long service life.
Through our wide spread technology and the practice knowledge, in addition the unique esthetic insight, we can help you to develop any
correlation goods of the glass product.
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