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 Bell-type Carbon Tube Sintering Furnace
 Bell-type Carbon Tube Sintering Furnace

Bell-type Carbon Tube Sintering Furnace

I. Usage:

It is suitable for the sintering of volatile and corrosive electronic material, optical materials and so on. In addition, users think highly of it for its

easy operation and cleaning.


II. Technical Parameters:

  1. Rated power: 63KW

  2. Working area size: 220×300

  3.  Rated working temperature: 1800C

  4. Ultimate vacuum level: 5*10-3Pa

  5. Rate of temperature rising: 2Pa/h


III. Structure Description:

  1. Immersion bell of electric lift runs smoothly.

  2. Vacuum pump: Three-pole pump, fast evacuation. Unique filter to extend the service life.

  3. PLC control has full automatic operation and good reliability.

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